Annual Awards

In 2010 we launched three band awards to be presented annually: a Band Member of the Year, the Gail Wilkinson Award for the Most Improved Young Piper, and the Niall Fairgrieve Award for the Most Improved Young Drummer. The winners of these awards have been:

Band Member of the Year

2010     Alastair Bruce
2011     Jim Brown
2012     Liz McDougall
2013     Fraser Wilkinson
2014     David Leckie
2015     Hugh Gordon
2016     Hannah Green


The Gail Wilkinson Award

2010     Marion Sweetland
2011     Katie Holton
2012     Ben Muir
2013     Euan Naysmith
2014     Gregor Naysmith
2015     Grant Campbell
2016     Emily Nisbet


The Niall Fairgrieve Award

2010     David Edgar
2011     Calum Wilkinson
2012     Hannah Green
2013     Claire Thomson
2014     Clara Wilberforce
2015     Ciaran Gibson
2016     Euan Robertson